Prerequisites for success

The school uniform

One important aspect of the Nordic International School way of working is that we aim to remove different forms of distractions, in order to ensure that all students are able to succeed in the classroom.

New clothes handed out every year

At the beginning of the school year, every new student is given the following:

  • Year 4-6
    – 3 light blue polo shirts
    – 2 dark blue zip cardigans
  • Year 7-9
    – 3 light blue polo shirts
    – 2 dark blue v-neck cardigans

Students wear their own trousers of choice as well as indoor shoes or socks. Outdoor clothes and shoes are kept in the student lockers.

School spirit

The dress code ensures equality among students, regardless of their background. It signals that students are part of a community.

A school uniform removes distractions

The school uniform signals that students are supposed to study when they are in school, and that they should respect their work and other people. The dress code also helps to decrease visual distractions in the classroom and ensures that students and teachers can focus on the instructional process.

A collective decision

The student councils have together with the staff at each school decided what the uniform should look like. For example, it was the student councils that decided what nuance of blue their shirts would be. This is one of the reasons that the school uniform is appreciated by the students.

“The school uniform looks good and it is also very comfortable to not have to worry about what to wear every day.”

  • Former student: Nordic International School Norrköping

Dress code for staff

Similarly to the students, all school staff follow a dress code. Teachers should lead by example and through their attire show that they take students’ education seriously and that they aim to succeed in their mission.


At the beginning of the school year, students are given a new set of clothes free
of charge, to ensure they can abide by the dress code. However, guardians can buy more school clothes at cost through our webshop.

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