Our concept

An international profile

In an increasingly globalised and digitalised world, the understanding of and respect for different nationalities and cultures are becoming ever more important. Our international profile helps to spark students’ interest in the outside world and prepares them for life in a situation where national boundaries are becoming less important.

With us, your child becomes bilingual

At Nordic International School, we follow the Swedish curriculum, but, in contrast to most other schools, conduct up to 50 % of instruction in English.

All our students wear school uniform

One important aspect of the Nordic International School way of working is removing all forms of distractions to give the students the prerequisites to succeed in the classroom. In school you should not have to worry about things that are irrelevant to your learning.

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Gathers students from different grades

House system for school spirit and student leadership

Academic success is a big part of Nordic International School but creating strong friendships and personal development is just as important.

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