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At Nordic International School all staff are obligated to receive complaints and pass them on. The Principal has responsibility for the specific school and the company for the overall education.

Complaint procedures

All staff are obliged to receive comments and complaints and pass them on to those responsible. The principal has a responsibility for the individual school unit and the head of the organization has the overall responsibility for all schools.

Leave a complaint:

In the first instance, the student or guardian submits their complaint to the responsible mentor or directly via the web form on the school’s website. If the student does not feel safe submitting the report to the responsible mentor, the complaint is submitted directly to the principal or other staff.

Receiving complaints:

When a possible complaint is received, all staff are obliged to notify the principal who assesses (if necessary, in consultation with the representative for the head of organization) whether it is to be regarded as a complaint or an opinion, point of view or a proposal for improvement. If it is to be regarded as a complaint (an expression of dissatisfaction that is not of the nature of a point of view / opinion / improvement proposal), the matter goes on to the representative of the head of the organization who receives the complaint, confirms the complaint to the complainant and is responsible for the prompt initiation of an investigation of the complaint. If the complaint is received directly via the web form, it is automatically linked to the principal, in our student administrative system Prorenata, who assesses whether it is to be considered a complaint.

Investigation of complaints:

The representative of head of the organization appoints the responsible person, usually the principal, who collaborates with the relevant staff at the school to investigate the basis of the complaint. The investigation takes place in dialogue and with the support of the head of the organization. Sometimes several competencies need to be involved in the investigation or support is taken by a legally knowledgeable person. When the investigation is completed and any measures taken are taken, the principal provides feedback to the student and guardian. If the student or guardian is not satisfied with how the complaint has been handled or the measures that may have been implemented, the student or guardian contacts the principal, which the student / guardian is informed about in the feedback.

The complaint, investigation and measures are documented and stored in our student administrative system Prorenata.  Complaints received, investigations and possible measures are analyzed and followed up in the systematic quality work at both school and principal level.

Write a complaint

Do you want to submit a complaint? Fill out the attached form here.

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