Ms Anna Werner

“Are you ready to join a dedicated team of passionate educators? Join our team!”

Ms Anna Werner has been a teacher for many years and has always strived to create a calm and concentrated atmosphere in her classroom. When she heard about the concepts that drive Nordic International School, she was immediately attracted to its structure and clarity as well as that learning stands as the central focus of the school.

Ms Werner teaches both Swedish and Social Studies and is also authorized to teach English.

– Structure and organization might sound a little old-fashioned, but I believe that they are very important elements of a high-quality education. These environmental contributors enable me to focus on the task at hand: teaching my students. It is natural for students to see one particular teacher as “mean” when they set high expectations, if other teachers do not. Luckily, this is never the case at Nordic International School Trollhättan since all of the teachers set the same level of expectations for all our students.

A few years ago, Ms Werner spent some time living in South Korea where her own children attended an International School that had a similar concept to Nordic International School.

– I have always set clear guidelines and boundaries while teaching, but my experience in South Korea really opened my eyes to the benefits of a highly structured school, especially from the perspective of a parent. There, the students also wore a uniform and it was easy to see that the anxieties tied to physical appearance dissipated immediately.

Ms Werner warmly describes how much she enjoys her job and speaks fondly of her colleagues.

– Educators who work at Nordic International School all share the same pedagogical values. We are, however, a very diverse group who differ greatly when it comes to background and experience. Sweden, Spain, Canada, The U.S.A., England, Iran, Iraq and Palestine are only some of the countries represented among our educational staff – in other words, we never have a dull day at work, says Ms Werner.

– In my experience, the teachers at our school are highly motivated and driven educators who are always willing to go the extra mile for their students. This common thread among our teaching staff enables us to work together seamlessly. We can freely discuss lessons and strategies in our teachers’ lounge, everyone is willing to take the time to help one another and share ideas and advice based on their own experiences.

According to Ms Werner, the foundational concepts of Nordic International School require teachers to come prepared to every lesson since a well-structured plan is an essential part of successfully leading any learning session.

– The presence of Structure and Discipline in our school doesn’t mean that the students are forced to be quiet at all times and it certainly doesn’t mean that there is a harsh atmosphere in the classroom. The ability to maintain order in the classroom actually enables me plan different types of activities for my students. Students are able to work in small groups and practice problem-solving together in organized, and therefore beneficial, ways.

Ms Werner’s favourite time of year is a few months into the first term, when that year’s new students start to know one another a little better and become more actively engaged in the dialogue in the classroom.

– I would say that Nordic International School is the right place for a person who finds our concept and structure interesting. We view the school as a workplace, even for our students, and are dedicated to creating a calm and structured atmosphere that will give our students the best possible learning environment. The educational staff wears a uniform, just like the students, and we always try to lead by example.

Ms Werner concludes:

– If you feel ready to dedicate yourself to working in the best interest of every student, then you should join our team.

Name: Ms Anna Werner
Position: Teacher in Swedish and Social studies at Nordic International School Trollhättan
Why do you work at Nordic International School? By prioritizing order and structure, I have the ability to direct all of my focus towards teaching my students.